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Expert Plastering Services in Gosport

Check out our comprehensive and reliable plastering services. We offer everything from damp proofing to plasterboard ceilings, repointing, and more.

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Plastering Services

At J.T.E Plastering, we specialise in creating flawless interior surfaces, including expert skimming to transform interior spaces and damp proofing to ensure your walls remain free from moisture damage. We also create seamless plasterboard ceilings for a clean, modern look.

At J.T.E Plastering, we take pride in our commitment to delivering clean, reliable, and professional plastering solutions. Your interiors deserve the best, and we're here to provide just that. Contact us for top-quality plastering services.

damp proofing in place

Damp Proofing

Our damp proofing service is a vital protection measure for your property. We expertly apply damp-resistant materials to safeguard your walls against moisture, preventing structural damage and maintaining the integrity of your interiors. Call us today for lasting protection against the elements.

building after skimming


Skimming is the art of creating pristine, smooth surfaces. With meticulous precision, we apply a thin layer of plaster, eliminating imperfections and preparing the walls for the final finish. Call us today for skimming that guarantees a polished and professional look for your interiors.

Artex removal service

Artex removal

At J.T.E Plastering, we skillfully transform textured ceilings and walls. We meticulously remove Artex textures, revealing smooth and pristine surfaces underneath. Whether it's a renovation or a small aesthetic upgrade, our expertise ensures your spaces are free from dated textures.

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For quality plastering services, call 07535 412916

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